Bravo Zulu Chess Academy (BZCA) has the expressed purpose of exposing children and adults of all ages to the game of chess in a safe and nurturing environment. BZCA equips students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to think logically, process information rapidly, and patiently evaluate the best course of action in a given situation with numerous variables to account for. Additionally, BZCA trains students to successfully compete in local, regional, and national chess tournaments, providing them with a transferable skill set that is applicable in all facets of life.


Shaka Greene

Founder & Executive Director

Shaka Greene is the Founder and Executive Director of Bravo Zulu Chess Academy. He has been playing the game of chess since he was six years old. Through his many battles with long-time friend and contributor Lawrence Harper, Jr., Mr. Greene has become a skilled and stealthy chess player. Mr. Greene coaches chess in a very unique and engaging manner. He has a proven track record of being able to get the very best out of his students and turn beginning players into strong tournament level players in just a matter of months. 

Lawrence Harper, Jr.

Special Contributor

Lawrence Harper, Jr. is a strong and focused chess player. He is able to see multiple moves ahead and the various scenarios that potentially could accompany those moves, with the slightest of ease. His strong mid-game often causes his opponents to lose such a significant amount of material, that they never even stand a chance in the end-game. Lawrence is a trusted and valued contributor and without his insight, Bravo Zulu Chess would be little more than an afterthought. 


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