"He who knows when he can fight, and when he can not, will be victorious."

Sun Tzu

"At the beginning of the school year, my son was constantly misbehaving in class. His grades were poor, and his teachers were recommending placing him in special education classes. During a brief conversation, Mr. Greene recommended that I allow my son to try chess. Since he has been playing chess,  all of his grades have improved, his standardized test scores have gone up, and he has not had a classroom behavioral issue in months."


-L. Ward, Parent of a 4th grade E.W. Stokes student


"Watching the progress my students have made thanks to the chess program at E.W. Stokes has been absolutely incredible. Max was a timid third grader when he started playing chess. In P.E., he was hesitant to play anything he thought he might not be good at, and was painfully shy when speaking to adults. This year as a fourth grader, and the youngest captain of the chess team, he is noticeably more confident and outgoing. He enthusiastically participates in class, and has become an outstanding leader for his peers.


Chess has also been incredibly helpful to Jaden. When I first met him two years ago, he was quick to get angry in situations where he felt cheated. He had a tendency to shut down and would not communicate his feelings when he was upset. Since joining the chess program his behavior has improved dramatically. He is now one of the most well behaved children in his class. He listens, and is respectful both to his teachers and peers. It has been a pleasure watching Jaden become a captain of the chess team, where he has really come into his own."


-A. Sondak, Founder & President of Just Imagine




-H. Smith, News Aide, Washington Post




-J. Abdul Alim, Freelance Journalist




-M. Utsey, Parent of a 9th grade Homeschooled student

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